“Children who attend a sound early childhood program perform better on standardized tests throughout their education. They are better prepared with the social skillls and emotional control needed to focus and learn in a structured learning environment, so they are more likely to succeed in school.”

— Early Years Study, author Kerry McCuaig

CURRENT STUDENTS - Welcome to the FALL session!

We look forward to many exciting activities in the Fall Session of Pre-Kindergarten:

  • Music session with "Miss Tune-Ah"
  • Yoga
  • La Casita Spanish
  • Corn Maze Field Trip  
  • School picture day
  • Halloween Party
  • Christmas Family Craft Night
  • A visit from Santa! 

Fall Session continuity themes:

Back to School, All About Me, Fall, We Are Thankful, Community Helpers and Christmas.


Between birth and 5 years, children learn at a rapid rate.  The Pre-Kindergarten program has a curriculum which fosters learning and assists in smooth transitions to Kindergarten.  Pre-Kindergarten (and Kindergarten) support “Learning through Play”.  The program incorporates the best balance of both teacher facilitated thematic programming and open ended child-led opportunities.  The program also recognizes early literacy as the foundation to all learning and incorporates early literacy whenever possible into the day to day programming. Pre-Kindergarten is a well-balanced program which addresses all areas of a child's growth; social, emotional, physical and cognitive.  


Nurture emergent literacy by encouraging interest in reading and writing.

  • Our program stimulates your child in the areas of social, emotional, intellectual, physical, and creative growth. 
  • We are strong supporters of the importance of Early Literacy.
  • Children are provided opportunity for fine motor skills development.    
  • Our program is enhanced through partnership with outside providers, off-site trips and in-class presenters.


Explore our child-centered environment.

  • Pre-Kindergarten provides opportunities which assist in a smooth transition to Kindergarten. 
  •  We adhere to the philosophy of "Learning Through Play", and provide activities which are fun, open ended and educational while keeping your child engaged and stimulated. 
  • Our classrooms have wonderfully equipped centers that the children may rotate through as they choose during "Center Time". 
  • Ample opportunities for interaction with peers and teachers help to develop positive relationships. 


The Best of Both Worlds: Thematic & Open Ended Programming

"Learning Through Play" is an important part of our philosophy, enhanced with an educational component as we prepare children for the next step of their educational journey.  Program Teachers plan thematically, but also take children's interests into consideration throughout the planning process.  Our early literacy focus recognizes the fact that literacy is the basis for all learning.  The program stimulates all areas of a child's growth and development.

Our well equipped classrooms allow children to explore the following centers:

puzzles, paint easel, manipulatives, toy shelves, reading centre, computer station, science table, puppet play, playdough, large and small blocks, art & craft station, housekeeping, sand, water.

Learning opportunities integrate Reading Readiness, Math Readiness, Social Studies, Science, and Social Skills.

The program also provides opportunities for large motor movement, field trips and special in-class visitors, and may include Spanish, yoga and dance. 


Throughout the year, the children benefit from both off-site trips and special in-class presentations which enhance the children's educational experience.

Examples of off-site trips:  Telus Spark Science Centre/Creative Kids Museum, Butterfield Acres Farm, Calgary Zoo, Calgary Corn Maze, Bow Valley Habitat, Inglewood Bird Sanctuary and the local library.

Examples of in-class visitors: Inglewood Bird Sanctuary, Mad Science, Butterfly Wings ‘n Wishes, Dance, Yoga, Music with Tune-Ah, Spanish lessons (and more!).


Pre-Kindergarten classes are 2 1/2 hours daily.                                                                                      (Genesis Centre classes - daytime classes are 3 hours in length, and evening & Saturday classes are 2 hours in length).  Children have the option to attend either 2, 3 or 5 half days per week, either in the morning or the afternoon. 

Class routine

A typical daily routine in our classes involves:

  • Circle Time(s)
  • Center Time
  • Snack Time (parents provide the snack)
  • Large Motor Movement - either in the gym, outside or through the use of action songs
  • Specialty Activity - yoga, spanish, dance, music, group games, program enrichment presentation


Registration for the 2016-2017 school year is on-going and space is available at all locations.

Registration requirements for the Pre-Kindergarten program are as follows:

  • Children must be between the ages of 3 and 5 years.  
  • Registration is ongoing throughout the year, and children may begin our program upon turning 3 years of age.
  • Children must be potty trained to attend classes.                                                                                       For more information on our potty training policy, please visit our FAQ page.


Please click on the location of your choice below and fill out the enquiry form.                                                   The Registrar will contact you with confirmation and instructions on how to complete your child's registration.