Out of School Care for Kindergarten to Grade 6




It is both a privilege and responsibility that we have as caregivers.  Accordingly, our program is planned and delivered thoughtfully.  Quality programming begins with dedicated staff.  That is the first step towards achieving excellence in programming.  Our program also strives to achieve excellence by valuing our students.  Close personal attention to each child ensures that our program meets this goal.

Our program encourages student collaboration and values their thoughts and input into program planning.  We encourage children to develop skills that they will use throughout their lives and make memories that they will cherish for years to come.  The program has a strategic plan in place to meet children's needs through diverse opportunities which include both in class activities and utilization of community resources.

Our program embraces the guiding principals of the “Three Pillars of Respect” promoting respect for self, others, and the community/environment in which we are all a part. These guidelines would be conveyed to each student at the beginning of the program during our discussion on rules, routines and safety procedures.  We will strive to promote and encourage empathy for others and goodwill among students and the community at large.

Program Specifics

Out of School Care is skilled in utilizing small spaces, large spaces, classroom, or multi-use spaces.  The program currently has locations in operation which utilize stages, gyms, leisure facilities and classrooms.

Out of School Care drop off begins at 7:00 a.m. and pick up is as late as 6:00 p.m.

Children have the option to attend Before Care Only, After Care Only, or Before AND After Care.

At most locations, Kindergarten children can attend a half day Kindergarten Enhancement program which enables them to stay at school for the duration of the school day. This program can be combined with Out of School Care. Kindergarten Enhancement is a “Learning through Play” program, with an early literacy focus. Instruction is both teacher led and open ended to allow for children to express interest.

NON-School Days

The program provides opportunity for children to attend a full day of care on Professional Development Days and days of non-school, when access to the facility is available.  On such days, special activities are planned which sometimes include guest visitors or an offsite trip. The program has been visited by “Mad Science”, “Outdoors In”, “Wild Rose Art Centre”, “Yoga Playground”, “Tune-Ah”, “Clay for Kids” and others.

Daily Routine

The morning before school care program is an opportunity for children to meet, interact, engage in lower key activities, read, work on a self-directed art or craft project, finish a meal brought from home, or complete homework.

After school care is a busy time in our program. Under the supervision of our qualified and caring staff, children are encouraged to discover and play, while socializing with their peers. Ample opportunity is provided for art/craft exploration with the materials/activities available. Group games are fun times spent alongside the Supervisor who facilitates the activity. Whenever possible, children enjoy a period of supervised time outside or on the playground. Following the children’s interest, the program will establish clubs which the children take leadership in organizing.


The Best of Both Worlds: Thematic & Open Ended Programming

The Out of School Care Program incorporates the best balance of both teacher facilitated thematic programming and open ended child-led opportunities.  Program specific Supervisors plan thematically, but also take children’s interest into consideration throughout the planning process.  When children are invested in the planning, then they are invested in the outcome.  Children assist Supervisors in determining the direction that the next month will take.  Our themes have taken us on many journeys including Through the World of Harry Potter, Alice in Wonderland, Pioneer Life, the Mind of Dr. Seuss, Children Around the World, Chinese New Year, Film Making, and many others.

During the first half of the month, staff document observations and children’s comments to help guide their programming for the upcoming month. During the latter half of the month, staff reflect on the plan for the month in session to assist them in evaluating their efforts and maintaining the highest level of program quality.  Program plans document the following categories of programming considered: Connecting Through Communication, Inviting our Imagination and Creativity, Exploring our World and Sensory Play, Fine Motor and Manipulative Play, Gross Motor and Physical Play, Encouraging Identity and Independence.


Registration is on-going.  

Children attending Kindergarten through Grade 6 at one of our school locations are eligible to register in Out of School Care.

*Note: Marion Carson school offering Kindergarten and Grade 1 Out of School Care only.


To register, please click on the school name below and complete the inquiry form.

The Registrar will contact you with confirmation and instructions on how to complete your child's registration.